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Cover of young adult novel Imagining Katherine by Carol Solomon
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Imagining Katherine
Published by Tova Press, 2015
2016 Notable Book—Association of Jewish Libraries

A realistic, tender coming-of-age novel set in the segregated Baltimore suburbs during the early 1960s.  As Katherine Weinstein searches for acceptance and courage, she imagines greatness and romance in her life.  But her imagination doesn’t prepare her for the arrival of Charlotte, the first Black student in her school, or the dramatic changes that follow.

Short Works

“Metamorphosis in Two Parts” in Seltzer, November 2012

Heartache“in Persimmon Tree, Fall 2014

In the Garden” in JewishFiction.net, Fall 2013

Reunion” in Poetica Magazine, E-Stories, December 2014

“Sandstorm” in Lilith, Summer 2016

“Mother’s Day” in Little Patuxent Review, January 2017

“Wading in the Water” in Pen-in-Hand, Maryland Writers Association, July 2017–Also available in hard copy from Amazon (Pen-in-Hand, July 2017)

“A Recipe for Tzimmes” in Montgomery Magazine, Montgomery Writes Contest, December 2017

“Family Gathering” (a poem adaptation of “Driving Aunt Dellie”) in Jewish Writing Project, February 2018

“Driving Aunt Dellie” on the Bethesda Magazine website, April 2018

“Sheara’s Beautiful People” on the Bethesda Magazine website, April 2018

“Playoffs” in Loch Raven Review, Winter 2018-19

“A Tale of Two Marylands” in Montgomery Magazine, Maryland Writes Contest, Winter 2018-2019

“The Fixer”on Bethesda Magazine website, Spring 2019.  The full story also appears on the Winning Works Page.

“Passover Pilgrimage” in the Jewish Literary Journal, May 2019

“Thief” in Pen-in-HandJuly 2019

“Under the Cherry Blossoms” in Persimmon Tree, Love in a Time of Corona No. 1, April 2020

“January Birth Day” on the Bethesda Magazine website, April 2023

“They’re Digging Dirt in My Family Room” in Persimmon Tree, Fall 2023